As the process of digitizing countries, societies and economies increases, the risk of cyberattacks has increased as well. These attacks have multiplied over the past two years; in particular, the number of ransomware cyberattacks has quadrupled between 2019 and 2020 according to ANSSI (the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems). Operators of Essential Services (OES) and administrations have been particularly targeted. These attacks are expected to increase and become more sophisticated.

Cybersecurity has become essential to avoid disruptions of the energy chain that can have serious impacts on citizens and economics, and represents a major collective priority for sustainable economic development.

Landscape of cybersecurity solutions and associated investments

Cybersecurity solutions are multiple and range from technological solutions to strategical directions/choices. Cybersecurity of energy infrastructures requires the involvement of all stakeholders and the use of different means to reach the required cybersecurity level allowing for the secure and safe supply of energy.

Cyber4Energy is a unique European event aiming to present the cybersecurity risks and challenges specific to the energy sector, and to raise awareness of all energy stakeholders about cybersecurity challenges and technologies. This event will help all energy actors to identify their responsibilities in the supply chain and to prepare for the assessment implementation of the cybersecurity measures.

Cyber4Energy is organized by 5 competitiveness clusters of the Smart Energy Alliance. Their objective is to bring together two sectors: cybersecurity and energy.