CETRAC Interview

CETRAC Interview


Can you describe your solution?

CetraC is a switching technology which does not use firmware. 100% hardware! The “no firmware/ no software/ 100% hardware approach gives our devices (switches, multiprotocol gateways, remote data concentrators, network access cards, diodes) three kind of interesting properties: cost (weight, power use, CPU power) reduction, safety (our devices are airworthiness certifiable) and, above all, cyber-resilience : no software -> no processes -> not modifiable from remote !


Can you give an example of implementation of your solution in the energy sector?

In the context of unsupervised by local operator production units, CetraC device is installed between the remote IT access and the local production network. It guarantees the segregation of flows and the restriction of access to collection of maintenance and production real time data. Special maintenance configuration allows to modify in predetermined conditions the configurations and the versions of the remote devices before coming back to a standard diode behaviour.


What is the added value of your solution compared to existing solutions on the market?

Our solution is all in one data flow control, diode behavior, strict control of the different Ethernet protocols and industrial protocol translation. The security of a full hardware solution where no process can be attacked or modified from remote gives total confidence in the flow control, routing and translation provided by CetraC appliance. Industry protocol translation like Ethercat link is a key for a successful integration between the production and the IT environment. Address translation is also a feature that is unique and helps opacifying the network activity from each sides of the network.

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