SCPTime Interview

SCPTime Interview


Can you describe your solution?

Time is essential but has become highly vulnerable.

Thus, SCPTime® sets up an infrastructure and a service to broadcast the legal time of a country with a Secured, Certified, Precise and Traceable time signal.

SCPTime® is the only accessible and reliable system which prevents from synchronization failures such as (GPS) GNSS spoofing at an affordable price, offering full proof cybersecurity and complete traceability of the Time signal provided from its origin (UTC legal source) to the final customer


Can you give an example of implementation of your solution in the energy sector?

For Energy sector, at production and distribution network level, reliable time source makes it possible to synchronize the means of storage and collection of the measurement data. SCPTime service secures reliable synchronization of all devices, so that production and distribution can access this data in real time to control and monitor the network. SCPTrace Supervision system provides access to trustful history of the synchronization data allowing reliable analysis to anticipate network problems


What is the added value of your solution compared to existing solutions on the market?

No other mitigating solution addresses this issue on a comprehensive approach, covering all type of threats. Whilst key mitigations are usually achieved by placing more demands on the systems and expensive local countermeasures, they don’t bring a Legal reference of Time (UTC) neither traceability for Cybersecurity nor flexibility at affordable price. SCPTime also offers additional value added such as industrial performance, data collection for AI, resilience, business continuity, monitoring,…

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