Terms & Conditions

Article 1: The Organizers

The innovative startups and SMEs contest (the “Competition”) which will take place in the context of the conference “Cyber For Energy – Marseille – Palais du Pharo – March 30th & March 31st, 2022″ is co-organized by:

  • Capenergies
    Law 1901 Association declared in sub-prefecture of Aix-en-Provence on November 14th, 2005 under the file number 01310226603, domiciled at Technopôle of the Environment Arbois-Mediterranean Building Henri Poincare Domaine Petit Arbois Louis Philibert Avenue CS 30658 13547 Aix -en-Provence – Cedex 4
  • Systematic Paris-Region
    Nano-Innov site – Bât. 863, 2, Boulevard Thomas Gobert, CS 70005, 91127 PALAISEAU Cedex
    Association of law 1901 published in the J.O. on November 12, 2005 – Siret N °: 485 364 525 00033
  • Tenerrdis: Association law 1901 – 19, rue des Berges, 38024 Grenoble Cedex – 48519705700030
  • Image & Réseaux: Association law 1901 – 4 rue Ampère, 22300 Lannion – 48761236800026
  • Pôle SCS: Association law 1901 – Place Paul Borde, 13790 Rousset – 48856485700024

hereinafter referred to together as “the Organizers”.

Article 2: Awards & Categories

The Organizers of the first edition of the “Cyber For Energy 2022” forum invite French and international startups and SMEs to come up with their innovative solution and compete for prizes, in one of the following 3 categories:

  • Category 1: Cybersecurity provider solutions – Exemplary cybersecurity solutions from providers (solutions to be deployed or already deployed in the energy sector)
  • Category 2: Excellence of Cyber strategy deployed by startups or SMEs from the Energy sector – Exemplary solutions, projects or processes already deployed by SMEs from the energy sector
  • Category 3: Coup de Coeur of the jury, all kind of Cyber exemplary solutions from Catergories 1 and 2

Article 3: Conditions of entry – Eligibility

The participation in the contest is free.

Are eligible for entry:

  • Any French or international SMEs (“participant”), as defined by the EU recommendation 2003/361
  • Startups and SMEss owned mainly by natural persons;
  • Startups and SMEss that bring or deploy an innovative solution / service / process / project related to one of the 3 categories defined above.

Article 4: Registration

Applications must be submitted exclusively via the online form at from 28 February 2022 until 15 March 2022 midnight (Paris time), unless otherwise expressly agreed by the Organizers and which will then be reported only on the site above.

Only one application form may be submitted per candidate (any category); any incomplete application at the closing date or transmitted after the date defined above will be ineligible.

The application consists of the only application form. This form will be included in the startups and SMEs presentation booklet submitted later to the members of the jury. It may be distributed to the participants of the conference, unless the startups and SMEs refuses by a written message to the organizers by 18 March 2022 at the latest.

The project leaders will receive an electronic notification informing them of the receipt of their file.

Merely participating in the CYBER4ENERGY Startups and SMEs Awards implies a full and unconditional acceptance of the rules in its entirety, which is a contract between the Organizers and the Project Manager, and an honored commitment to guarantee the sincerity and the truthfulness of the information provided.

Any inaccurate, false or misleading statements may result in the rejection of the file.

Any selected candidate (“Finalist”) in the Contest undertakes on their honor to participate in the Contest and to be represented in it by one of the members of its management team.

Article 5: Selection process

After the closing of the entries, the candidatures will be examined by the Selection Committee made up of representatives of the Organizers and external experts chosen by the Organizers.

This Committee will select between 15 and 17 Finalists (between 2 and 8 Finalists for each of the 3 categories) from eligible projects.

This selection will be based on the following criteria:

  1. European origin
  2. Robustness of solutions
  3. Sustainability of solutions
  4. Economic relevance and cost-benefits analysis
  5. Credibility and ability to carry the project
  6. Competitive positioning -Technological breakthrough
  7. Environmental and social impact

Candidates might be asked to answer additional questions addressed by the Organizers, in order to assess them more accurately.

By 18 March 2022 (indicative date), the Finalists will be informed by email of their selection (“List A”).

A waiting list (List B) will also be established by the Selection Committee and the companies concerned will be called according to the defection registration of companies listed in List A.

Article 6: Conduct of the Competition / Selection of the winners by the grand jury

The Finalists will send by mail their Power Point presentations, to be used during their pitches, before March 25th, 2022.

Power Point This presentation will be written imperatively in the English language.

Finalists will be invited for 2 day to the “Startups and SMEs Village of solutions”; they will have a space (about 6 m2) where they can present their innovation. They will be graciously invited to the events organized as part of the “Cyber for Energy 2022” forum, including the gala evening and the BtoB meetings.

These invitations are valid for one person per Finalist.

Accommodation and transportation costs will not be borne by the Organizers.

On March 30th, 2022, from 5 p.m. (indicative time), all the selected candidates must pitch in front of the Jury (face-to-face). A member of the management committee of each candidate agrees to be present.

Each Finalist will have a maximum of 3 minutes to pitch. A maximum of 2 minutes devoted to questions and answers will follow.

Following these presentations, the Jury will meet and designate the 2 winners of the Competition, a winner for each category defined in Article 2.

The Jury may, if it wishes, also award a “Coup de Coeur du Jury” Prize.

The Awards will be presented on March 30, 2022 at the Evening gala evening.

The Organizers reserve the right not to award a Prize in a given category if the Jury considers that the quality of the projects presented was not satisfactory.

Non-winning Finalists have no recourse, the Jury is the sole ruler and does not have to justify its choices.

Finalist pitches are likely to be filmed for later use in communication.

Article 7: The Jury

The composition of the Jury is left to the initiative of the Organizers. It will include representatives of organizers and corporate sponsors of the Forum. The members of the Jury are listed on the website

Its composition can vary until the pitching session.

Article 8: Prizes and Visibility

The grants are mentioned on the website

The Organizers reserve the right to replace an endowment by an equivalent endowment in value.

Endowments in kind must imperatively be consumed before December 31, 2022.

After this date, endowments in kind not consumed or partially consumed can no longer be requested and will not give rise to any compensation.

The endowments are personal. They may not under any circumstances be the subject of an assignment and / or an exchange.

The Organizers cannot be held responsible for any problem concerning the endowments, except for their own endowment.

Article 9: Miscellaneous / Responsibilities and limits

The contest rules are available on the website throughout the duration of the Competition.

Participation in the Contest implies full, unrestricted and unreserved acceptance of these rules.

The Organizers will in no way be held responsible for any postponement, interruption, adjournment, extension, cancellation or modification of the Contest for reasons beyond their control or in case of force majeure.

The collection of certain personal data from participants during the Contest registration is necessary both for the organization of the Competition and for its outcome.

This personal data is kept for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it is processed.

In accordance with the regulations in force, each participant has the right to oppose, access, rectify and erase the personal data concerning them. To exercise one of these rights, write to the following address: MONSIEUR THE DELEGATE FOR DATA PROTECTION, 63 chemin Antoine Pardon, 69814 TASSIN CEDEX.

The Organizers cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracy of the information and data published from the statements and / or presentations of the Finalists.

Article 10: Permission to use the images of candidate teams

By accepting the rules, each Finalist declares that he/she agrees that the Organizers will give free registration of sounds, images (videos, photos) and his/her remarks as part of the Contest or his/her participation in the “Startups and SMEs Village of Solutions” or the various events organized at the “Cyber for Energy 2022” forum.

The broadcast and exploitation of these sounds, images, comments and documents can be done through the websites of the Organizers, the website of the “Cyber for Energy 2022” forum, press, films, … accessible without any restriction of access and without remuneration of the person concerned, for an unlimited period, in full or in extracts.

Article 11: Confidentiality

The Jury, the Selection Committee and the experts undertake to ensure the strictest confidentiality of the projects submitted by the candidates and the Finalists.

All information collected as part of the Contest and identified in writing as confidential by the candidates is considered confidential.

The Finalists authorize the Organizers to publish the non-confidential description of their project indicated on the application form and any other support in the context of the information and communication actions related to the Contest without claiming any rights whatsoever.

Article 12: Intellectual Property

Each candidate undertakes to take the most appropriate measures for the protection of intellectual property rights relating to his project before, during and after the Competition.

Each candidate declares to hold intellectual and industrial property rights and failing this, to have all the necessary authorizations concerning all intellectual and industrial property rights attached to the project concerned.

Each candidate guarantees the Organizers of any claim by any third party concerning all the intellectual and industrial property rights attached to the project presented as well as their financial consequences which he/she declares his/her personal business.

The Organizers will in no way be held responsible if a project presented reproduced works and / or protected works.

Each Finalist graciously authorizes each of the Organizers to use its brand, its logo and the presentation of its project, as part of their internal and / or external communication, on all media (including internet) and on all social networks, for the duration of the Competition and then unlimitedly.

Article 13: Applicable law and disputes

This regulation is subject to French law.

Any dispute that may arise from the application or interpretation of these rules or during the Competition will be the subject of an attempt to settle amicably. Any dispute that cannot be settled amicably will be submitted to the courts of Paris.

No contestation regarding these rules and the Contest will be admissible 10 days after the end of the Contest.

Regulation of February 25, 2022