Cyber4Energy day one program
  • Morning

    Opening Session

    • Introduction from public local (Region Sud), National authorities and/or European Authorities
      Aurélie PICART, CSF NSE
      William LECAT
      , SGPI, Coordinator of the cybersecurity national strategy
      Françoise BRUNETEAUX, Région Sud
      Rémy GARAUDE VERDIER, European Affairs Director, Enedis
      Vincent SCHERRER, Business Developer DSI, GRTgaz
    09:30 am

    Cybersecurity challenges in the energy sector

    Keynote Speech

    • Risks and challenges in the energy sector
      Dr Stephan LECHNER, European Commission DG ENER, Director of Euratom Safeguards
    • Threat reports for the energy sector
      Konstantinos MOULINOS, Information security expert, ENISA
    • Resilience of the energy supply chain
      Felipe CASTRO-BARRIGON, Policy Officer, DG ENER
    10:00 am
Cyber4Energy day two program
  • Morning

    Cybersecurity technologies and solutions

    Keynote Speech: Cybersecurity expertise at the service of the energy sector

    • Cybersecurity segments overview
      Stanislas LYCHOLAT
      , Cyber Security Consulting, Thales Service Numériques
    • Overview of disruptive technologies impacting the cybersecurity of the energy sector
      Emmanuel DOTARO,
      ICT & Cybersecurity Labs Head, Thales
    09:30 am


    • Cybersecurity standardisation landscape
      Philippe MAGNABOSCO
      , ANSSI, Responsable normalisation
    • Enedis CERT overview
      Vincent GARCIA
      , Vulnerability Manager, Enedis
    • Reinforcement of information sharing
      Jalal BOUHDADA, CEO of Applied Risk, Boards Member of EE-ISAC
    10:00 am
    • Wavestone startup radar
      Laure DUCOUSSO
      , Clément FREOUR, Cybersecurity senior consultants, Wavestone
    • Secur-IT
      Marielle CAMPANELLA
      , Innovation – European projects, SCS Cluster
    11:10 am

    Cyber4Energy Awards

    • Pitchs from the companies
    • Awards ceremony
      Emmanuel DOTARO
      , ICT & Cybersecurity Labs Head, Thales
    11:30 am